Why Diets Suck

For the amount of time and effort that has been spent on diets and quick fixes, you’d think we’d be a healthier world.  Too bad healthier is not on the agenda for most dieting programs.  These are three of the biggest secrets they don’t want you to know about:

1. Dieting Doesn’t Work.

It may be inspiring to see an advertorial (in other words, marketing) of a woman who lost 30 pounds in 60 days, but consider what happened to her the following 2 to 5 years.  According to the research, she likely regained her weight, and then some.  From pills and powders to the latest gadget that will “shake away the fat in 5 minutes a day,” you’re being fed a steady stream of false promises often built upon short-term, weak, or skewed research.

Diets: When Science Meets Gimmick

Diets tempt us into trying them over and over again because they may work for the brief periods that we follow them, but the issue is, can you sustain them – and the results?  Who were these diets designed for?  Did they ask you about your preferences, routine and lifestyle?  Or are they just offering a one-size-fits-none approach that leads to feelings of restriction, frustration, and ultimately, failure.

All Diets Work…and That’s the Problem

Unfortunately, repeated failures can create an all-or-nothing mentality that make us feel that we’re only “good” when we’re following a rigid eating plan and that we’re “bad” when we don’t.  And when we’re bad, we feel we may as well “enjoy it” and eat all of the junk food in the world.  These repeated bouts of getting your hopes up, trying and failing damages self-efficacy – the belief that we can actually make long lasting, healthy changes.  This makes us even less confident in ourselves and more dependent on something else to get us results.  This is exactly what the dieting industry wants because…

2. The Diet Industry Makes More Money When You Fail

The dieting industry has a vested interest in seeing you fail – so you continue to buy their products!  In their eyes, that’s just “good business.”  That’s pretty f’ed up.  If Bill Gates or Warren Buffet invested $60 billion dollars (the amount people spend on dieting programs each year) in a company to solve a problem – and they only made the problem worse – you better believe they’d get fired!  So why haven’t we fired diets yet? Marketing.

Diet companies know we live in a busy world that demands instant gratification.  They also know that the media overwhelms us with tons of research and information, so we have no idea who to trust.  So they provide a “solution” that caters to all of our insecurities, fears and doubts.  You think you’re making a good decision because they show you a success story or two (never mind that it says, “Results not typical.”) and maybe even a few weak research studies for “credibility” (they figure you won’t ask tough questions – you just want answers). But they never address the aspects of living healthier that matter most: why you want to change, and your underlying relationship with the food you eat and how you move.

Why Are Most Diet and Fitness Programs’ Results NOT Typical?

We give them billions of dollars, yet they leave us with more weight, more disease and MORE health care costs than when we started.  Which leads to the most damaging secret of all

3. Diets Are Ruining Your Health

So first there was Fen-Phen, an amphetamine-based diet pill from the 70’s that worked wonders on your weight with only a few minor complications: like damaged heart valves.  What else is an amphetamine?  Speed, ecstasy and meth.  Ouch.

But a more insidious way diets ruin your health is the yo-yo weight cycling it promotes.  Significant research shows that within a couple years of starting a diet, we regain the weight – and then some.  And not only does the regained weight create an additional burden on the body, but the actual act of yo-yo dieting has been shown to have its own risk factors for disease.  In other words, it may be better to just gain weight and never lose it than to gain, lose, regain, lose, regain, etc.

Why Long Term “Dieting” Doesn’t Work

But of course, that’s not why you’re here.  You want to live a healthier, happier life.  You want results that will last – next month, next year and beyond.  So let’s put those positive desires to good use.  It’s time to reclaim the belief that you can determine a set of sustainable eating and physical activity habits that get you results – based on your life, your routines, your preferences and your priorities.  Or as we like to call it – Your Results, Your Way.

Death of the Diet is the dieting industry’s worst nightmare.  Our goal is to get you fit for good.  All the tools you need to start living a healthier, happier life are here – and while you may never need us, know that we’re here for you.  So let’s get started!

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