Push Yourself Mentally, Listen to Yourself Physically

Take Action & Respond: What steps do you take to push yourself mentally to make sure you do your best during a workout? While the post’s title seems like a dichotomy, striking the right balance between these two feelings ensures your ability to stay consistently active. Pushing yourself mentally usually revolves around two scenarios: getting […]

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Stuck? An Activity to Overcome a Chronic Dieting or Defeated Mentality

Overcoming Chronic Dieting

I frequently work with clients who have “tried every diet” and feel stuck, frustrated, and sometimes even defeated by their excess weight or declining health.  They keep trying the latest fad diets – eating like a caveman, avoiding all gluten, drinking endless juices – gain a little traction and then lose it, sometimes slipping back […]

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Revolutionizing the Resolution…Set Health and Fitness Goals that Stick!

Guest post by Dwayne Brown, CSCS The date is January 1st. Today is the day when most people are trying to put into action the resolutions that they hastily made on New Year’s Eve. Gyms across the nation will be bursting at the seams with new members and I’m pretty sure Weight Watchers’ business is […]

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Fall Flavors: Easy, Tasty, Healthy

Time to Enjoy Fall Flavors

The temperature gets cooler, the trees prepare to burst into color and everything gets back into full swing: work, school and…vegetables? The fall season, especially in New York, is a peak time for produce – whether from a neighbor’s garden or the local farmer’s market.  If you’ve wanted to learn more about eating local, learning […]

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