Exercise Video List

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Note: Exercises are placed in categories that are deemed to be “best fit” however some may apply to multiple categories.

** Denotes movements with impact or more advanced

Dynamic Warmup / Activation

Self Myofascial Release – Foam Roll and Pinky Ball

Half Kneeling Warmup Variations

Leg Lowering – Passive and Active

Glutes Warmup – Bridges and Variations

Shoulder/Scapula Warmups – Grip and Raise & Wall Slides


Fire Hydrants

Side Lying Leg Abduction

Mini Band Hip Warmups

Spiderman Lunge with T-turn

Inchworm Downward Dog Anklewalk


Squat to Stand

Fast Feet with Variations**

Jumping Jacks**


Planks and Side Planks

Dead Bugs

Mountain Climbers

Shoulder Taps

Birddogs / Pointers

Stability Ball Lat Engage


Forearms to Hands / Plank Pushups (lots of core)

Pushups Variations for Everyone


Overhead Press and Push Press


Rows (Bent Over, Half Kneeling)

Pulldowns and Pullups

Renegade Row (lots of core)

Band Extensions

2 Leg

Squat, Lateral Squat and (Jump Squat**)

Deadlift and Hip Hinge Pattern

Kettlebell Swings**

1 Leg

Step Ups and Variations (Side, Crossover, Eccentric, Jump**)

Lunge Variations (Reverse, Fwd, Side, Crossover, Jump**)


Self Myofascial Release – Foam Roll and Pinky Ball




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